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Common Preventable Medical Hazards Bubble
Preventable hospital hazards—which result in harm or death —are called “Never Events” because they should never happen to you or someone you love in the hospital.

Hospitals everywhere have their own safety campaigns to zero out Never Events.

Here at CampaignZERO, learn what you can do to help safeguard your loved ones’ care when they need you most.  Know what to look for and what to do to make sure these Never Events never happen to someone you love:


Hospital Infectionslike…

MRSA, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus

VRE, Vancomyacin Resistant Enterococcus

C. diff, Clostridium Difficile

UTI/CAUTI, Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection

VAP, Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Falls and Fractures (in the hospital)

Pressure Wounds (bed sores, pressure ulcers)

Blood Clots (embolisms stemming from deep vein thrombosis—DVT)

Medication Errors

Surgical Errors