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In an hour or less, our dynamic speakers share practical information everyone needs to get the care we want for the people we love.  As professional patient advocates, our speakers have “seen it all” and are passionate about helping others feel prepared, informed and confident in navigating hospital care.  Some of the knowledge and skills audience members take away are…

  • How to spot the the most common cracks in hospital care — and how to make sure your loved one doesn’t fall between them
  • How to prevent the most common and deadly hospital infections
  • When to speak up and what to say when you’re worried about your loved one’s care  (and worried about “looking stupid”)
  • How to pick the safest doctor and the safest hospital
  • The safest days of the week for surgery — as well as the safest times of the year for surgery
  • What to expect that you’re not expecting in hospital care (e.g., Surprise! your doc can’t see you in the hospital.)
  • And more 

We’re Expanding in the US and Canada!

Contact one of our education directors in your area directly. Don’t see one near you, call the nearest person  — some of our team members can travel — or bookmark this page to check back again.  If you’d like to join our speaker network, please contact us!


Krista Hughes
The mission of Hughes Advocacy is to assist Clients and their families navigate the healthcare system and get the best medical care possible.  trying to understand a diagnosis, find the best facility or surgeon to fit your medical needs, explore different treatment options, coordinating care with your Medical Team, or preparing you for your upcoming doctors visit. The goal is to help you facilitate through these complexities and put you at the center of your health care.


Sue McWilliams, RN, MSNsue mcwilliams
Sue spent 25 years in hospital care before joining CampaignZERO as a Board Member.  Sue is the co-author of Safe & Sound Nursing Tools for Family Engagement and Patient Centered Care and she’s on the faculty of Northern Arizona University School of Nursing.  Community education is just as important to Sue and she offers CampaignZERO talks in and around Sedona, Arizona. 

Jackie Shore, RN
Jackie founded Patient Advocates Arizona  around her philosophy for patients — jackie shore“Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Health.” Her focus is on connecting the dots for patients between all their providers to make sure they are getting diagnosed appropriately, and getting the right treatment.
 She is a wonderful resource in Arizona for anyone with aging parents who live there, snow birds, and newly diagnosed cancer patients.


Linda Beck
Linda founded Square One Elder and Health Advocacy in San Luis Obispo  to prepare others to manage Linda Beck aging, health care and caregiving with less drama and disruption than she experienced with her own parents. Her Square One programs deliver practical  information people need to navigate the dysfunctional health care system and manage caregiving for older family members .

Sarah Carbone, Healthcare Navigators, Dana Point (details to come)

Sandy Thigpen
As founder of Personal Senior Advocates in Huntington Beach, Sandy’s focus is “Safe Seniors. Informed Families.”, making certain her clients understand their rights as patients and that their health care is patient centered. Whether the focus is crisis related or care management, Sandy works with Seniors as well as their adult children, to ensure the care being provided is timely, appropriate and clearly understood.

DC Area

Gwendolyn Klein, RN
Gwendolyn is the Founder of Values Based Patient Advocates, whose motto is “We Bridge the GapGwendolyn Klein.” Gwendolyn is passionate about helping people navigate our complex medical system. She combines her medical expertise with personal compassion anda nurturing spirit to help individuals understand their healthcare options  and  make informed decisions  incorporating their personal values. 

Dana Hutson
Dana founded Cancer Champions to provide guidance to
individuals and families facing a cancer diagnosisDana Hutson who are overwhelmed by the treatment options and the healthcare system. Unlike hospital navigators or insurance advocates, my loyalty is to you and your loved ones. By offering education about care decisions, Dana empowers individuals and families facing cancer to make informed decisions while helping them find peace throughout their cancer journey.


Bob Aydt, CFP
Bob brings offers  360-degree insight on the patient experience. As the first CampaignZERO board member, he offers wisdom gained from advocating for his father through a terminal diagnosis and a seven month hospital stay fraught with good intentions but many cracks in care. Bob’s experience as a patient, himself, navigating a complex diagnosis and treatment path for provides additional insight into his work as a Certified Financial Planner for families dealing with the effects of health care costs on their financial health.


Jessica Tullos, RN
Jessica is the founder of  TrueCourse Healthcare Consulting, a Georgia-based advocacy firm specializing inJessica Tullossmedical and healthcare navigation. Jessica has been a nurse for over 17 years and has been working in the field of Patient Safety since 2012. She works closely with patients to put together the fragmented parts of their healthcare into one clear picture and helps to address any gaps that createfrustration and uncertainty. She is passionate about ensuring patients understand their care, are empowered to be involved and are armed with the best possible resources to support informed decision-making.


Gayle Byck
Gayle founded InTune Health Advocates to help clients navigate our often confusing and overwhelming health Gayle Byck care system. She believes  that many of the problems people experience with their health care are a result of poor communication and coordination. It can be difficult to question providers, know what to even ask, and be able to process the information – especially during a health care crisis. Gayle is excited to join the CampaignZero community educator team because CampaignZero provides excellent resources to help patients stay safe while in the hospital.


Kayoko ‘Ky’ Corbet, RN, BSN, MS
Ky worked in hospitals, home health as well as in the  software industry, before becoming a patient advocate.
Ky Corbett She firmly believes that informed and pro-active patients make our healthcare system better and more affordable.  Ky founded Health Advocate Plus to educate and guide patients for the best possible health care path and value for them. Ky is a passionate advocate and also serves as a co-leader of Right Care Alliance – Baltimore/D.C. chapter.


Ailene Gerhardt
Ailene founded Beacon Patient Advocates LLC to help clients and their family members/caregivers tackle the challenges of navigating today’s complex healthcare system. She feels it is important to empower clients to become educated and confident health care consumers by offering professional compassionate guidance with a personalized approach. Her clients acquire the resources and facts to make informed decisions for themselves that reflect their personal values.

New Jersey and New York

Lori Gardner, RN 
Lorie founded Healthlink Advocates, Inc., a health care advocacy firm in Chatham, New Jersey, to help clients navigate the complex and fragmented health care system. Lorie and her team promote patient-centered care and provide a “strong voice” in coordinating medical care during times of illness and for hospital stays. Lorie is a specialist, herself, in elder care issues. Lorie covers the New York metro area for CampaignZERO, frequently speaking to groups both large and small.

South Carolina

Andrea Giblin MD. more details to come soon.

Wisconsin and Southern Minnesota

Debby Deutsch and Tamara Sondgeroth
Debby and Tamara of  Patient Care Partners in Wisconsin to bring CampaignZERO patient safety Tamara, Debby Deutsch (1) “insider info”and tips to patients and their families. They are truly a dynamic duo, ready to travel just about anywhere, to help patients and families  find their voices in health care and navigate the health care system with confidence.

Washington and Idaho

Robin Shapirorobin shapiro
After a long career in health communications, advocacy and founding several award-winning companies, Robin co-founded the Washington State Health Advocacy Association  a non-profit focused on helping people transform from patient to full participant in their care. Robin is a frequent speaker, helping us cover the Pacific Northwest with our CampaignZERO advocate training for families.

In Canada


Kirstin Veugelers PhD
After careers in biomedical research and biology instruction, Kirstin founded Navigate Your Health toKirstin Veugeler
provide personal patient navigation services in the Edmonton Area. She passionately believes “You Don’t Have to Journey Alone” and stands by patients as they address healthcare matters, whether routine or life-changing. While she empowers patients by making sure medical information is understandable and reliable, Kirstin is also committed to recognizing and honoring the unique value of each individual.

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