Helpful Websites for You

caring bridgeCaring Bridge makes it easy for you to post health updates for your family and friends when a loved one is in the hospital. They offer you a free, private website you can set up in a snap! Friends and family can leave encouraging notes and photos for your loved one, too. Caring Bridge also has a free, private calendar planner that helps coordinate care and organize helpful tasks, such as taking turns at the hospital, taking care of pets, cooking meals, and pitching in to meet other needs — especially when your loved one goes home.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) — a federal agency that leads research and assists people in getting objective information on how to choose health plans, doctors, or hospitals based on their safety records. What you can find on the AHRQ website:

      • Medical treatment comparisons
      • More tips about how to prevent medical error
      • A place to compare hospitals
      • Links to other patient safety organizations

rid Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (RID)—a nonprofit organization founded in 2004. What you can find on RID’s website:

      • More tools and antibacterial prevention products to protect your loved one from hospital infections
      • Resources for health care providers
      • Facts about state infection reporting laws
      • A place to share your story about experiences with hospital acquired infection

rid Institute for Safe Medicine Practices (ISMP) educates the health care community and consumers about safe medication practices. What you can find on the ISMP website:

      • A place to report medication errors
      • A list of the most common “look alike/sound alike” medications that cause confusion and error
      • Educational materials that help you learn how to prevent medication errors
      • Products that help prevent medication errors

ridThe Leapfrog Group encourages transparency and easy access to health care information, as well as rewards for hospitals that have a proven record of high quality safe care. What you can find on The Leapfrog Group’s website:

patient navigatorPatient Navigator helps patients and families manage the complexities of  the health care system when a loved one is faced with an illness. What you can find on the Patient Navigator website:

      • Help with preparing for a doctor visit and/or researching medical conditions and treatments
      • An organization that acts as a backup patient advocate when dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, employers, schools, etc.
      • Guidance for the personal side of patient advocacy, from mental health to how to build a support group

healthEveryday Health helps you take charge of your own (or your loved one’s) health care through useful tools and information. What you can find on Everyday Health’s website:

      • Definitions of leading diseases and conditions, as well as information about drugs and treatments
      • A place to keep a personal health record of doctor appointments, medications, etc.
      • A directory of doctors
      • Tips on how to live a healthy, well-balanced life
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