Patient Safety Workshops

Invite a CampaignZERO Speaker to Your Group

In an hour or less, pick up practical information you need to help keep your loved ones safe in the hospital. Our dynamic speakers are successful professional patient advocates who give you the “inside scoop” on:

  • What to watch out for in hospital care
  • What to ask
  • What to do (and when)
  • What to expect that you’re not expecting
  • And more!  

Debby Deutsch and Tamara Sondgeroth
Debby and Tamara of  Patient Care Partners in Wisconsin to bring CampaignZERO patient safety “insider info”and tips Tamara, Debby Deutsch (1)to patients and their families throughout Wisconsin, Southern Minnesota and Northern Illinois.  They are truly a dynamic duo, ready to travel just about anywhere, to help patients and families  find their voices in health care and navigate the health care system with confidence. 

Contact Debby and Tamara directly to schedule a CampaignZERO “insider” presentation to your group — no matter how large or small — good information is good for everyone! 



Robin Shapirorobin shapiro
Robin is president and co-founder of Allied Health Advocates, a Washington-based health advocacy company that provides a trained health advocate to accompany a patient to his or her medical appointments and hospital stays. Robin is a frequent speaker, helping us cover the Pacific Northwest, with our CampaignZERO advocate training for families.

Drop Robin a note to schedule a lively CampaignZERO workshop: It will be the most productive hour your group could spend together!


Lori Gardner, RN 
Lorie founded Healthlink Advocates, Inc., a health care advocacy firm in Chatham, New Jersey, to help clients navigate the complex and fragmented health care system. Lorie and her team promote patient-centered care and provide a “strong voice” in coordinating medical care during times of illness and for hospital stays. Lorie is a specialist, herself, in elder care issues. Lorie covers the New York metro area for CampaignZERO, frequently speaking to groups both large and small.

Write or call Lorie for a dynamic presentation from a passionate presenter!


Karen DiMarco, RN, BSN, iRNPAkaren dimarco
Karen is the Founder and Director of RN Patient Advocates of Pennsylvania. She has over 16 years of critical care nursing experience in hospitals, which led to her practice as an independent RN Patient Advocate (iRNPA). She founded her company to make it possible for everyone to have “a nurse in the family” to accompany patients to doctor appointments and hospital stays, and research diagnoses and treatment options, among many other responsibilities so critical to successfully navigating the complex world of medicine. Karen covers New England for CampaignZERO, frequently sharing our checklist tips for safeguarding loved ones’ care in her own upbeat way.

Get in touch with Karen to book a lively one-hour CampaignZERO workshop:


Jackie Shore, RNjackie shore
Jackie founded Patient Advocates Arizona ( around her philosophy for patients — “Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Health.” Her focus is on connecting the dots for patients between all their providers to make sure they are getting diagnosed appropriately, and getting the right treatment.
 She is a wonderful resource in Arizona for anyone with aging parents who live there, snow birds, and newly diagnosed cancer patients. Consistent with her philosophy, she works on behalf of her patients to make sure they are fully informed to make the best possible decisions in medical care. Jackie is a popular and engaging speaker, bringing CampaignZERO checklists and tips to all kinds of community groups in Arizona.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jackie to book a fast-paced, upbeat CampaignZERO presentation:


Sue McWilliams, RN, MSNsue mcwilliams
Sue spent 25 years in hospital care before joining CampaignZERO as an advisor and supporter. Her passion has always been working with patients and families to help them learn the ins and outs of hospital care so they know how to work with their doctors and nurses for best possible results. Sue is the co-author of Safe & Sound Nursing Tools for Family Engagement and Patient Centered Care. She is also the lead trainer for nurses on this patient safety curriculum at PartnerHealth ( Community education is just as important to Sue, so she is happy to offer CampaignZERO’s workshops in and around Sedona, Arizona.

Contact Sue:

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