Prevent – Staph Infections

MRSA (pronounced as “mur-sah”)—also commonly known as a “staph infection”—has ballooned from 2,000 reported cases in 1993 to 880,000 in 2007, or about 2.5% of all hospitalized patients. Read more about MRSA and VRE.

MRSA doesn’t spread through the air like viruses do. These “superbugs” live on surfaces of all kinds and spread from contact to contact. Skin, hard surfaces—even fabrics—are all MRSA carriers.

Ask your loved one’s nurses about their procedures for preventing staph infections. Share this checklist with them too. Between all of you, you’ll be able to mount a powerful defense to help prevent your loved one from getting a staph infection like MRSA or VRE during a hospital stay.



For even more information, visit The Committee to Reduce Infection Death (RID). This is a wonderful resource for preventing staph infections in schools and other public places, a growing danger to our communities. We all need to be informed, vigilant and proactive to eliminate the spread of deadly staph bacteria—everywhere!