Our Story

My dad, Bill, received the rare gift of a new lung to cure a rare diseasebut he never left the hospital.

For seven long months, Dad battled back from a cascade of common and preventable cracks in hospital care called “Never Events.” His fate was sealed when he took a fall, which led to pneumonia, a blood clot,  two rounds each of C. diff and MRSA, suffering a stage 4 bed sore all the while.

About 8 weeks after we buried dad, my husband underwent “routine surgery” and nearly succumbed to sepsis and a VRE infection.

Our family had followed conventional advice: For hospital stays, take someone with you.

We learned the hard way that nothing in life prepares us to navigate hospital care for the people we love.

My father paid the ultimate price.

Dad died on September 23rd. He was one of a thousand deaths that day — and every day — that could have been prevented.  I founded CampaignZERO to help other families know how to partner with their loved ones’ nurses and doctors.

Together, we can provide the safety net every patient needs and deserves. Our simple checklists, vetted by medical experts, quickly list what to watch for,  what to do and when to speak up to help prevent the most common hospital hazards.

It’s mission critical that we are all prepared to help safeguard our loved ones’ care at hospital bedside — when they need us most.

Feedback from our checklist users, and those who have participated in our community events, has been incredibly heart-warming.  We’re making inroads with our Safe & Sound family education tools for hospitals too. We’ve been accused of “trying to boil the ocean” in patient safety.  But we’re OK with that… we know we’re making a difference!

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